From the New York Post’s mini-Mushnick, Andrew Marchand.

During their Winter Olympics coverage, NBC and its cable networks constantly remind us they will air 418 hours from Turin. We are not sure we can take another minute.

If you are a meat-and-potatoes sports fan (football, baseball and basketball), the Winter Olympics lack juice. What would you rather watch tonight ” some snowboarding event or No. 1 UConn vs. No. 4 Villanova? As Dickie V. would say, “It’s a mismatch, baby!”

It is hard to get excited about sports when you have little idea of what is going on. On Saturday afternoon, there was an event in which skiers were jumping for distance to earn a head start on a cross-country race. What? It is apparently called the Nordic Combined.

I’d rather watch Dick Vitale snowboarding. But this taking pride in one’s ignorance schtick really wears thin (unless you’re discussing NASCAR) — surely there are a handful of “meat and potatoes” fans amongst the NY Post’s readership that consider ice hockey to be part of their sporting diet?

And incredibly, there are some dots on the map where UConn/’Nova might not register. Ie, the vast majority of the globe.