Without a winner’s share from Super Bowl XLII, who can blame a guy for needing to make some extra scratch?  From the AP (thanks to Jesper for the link) :

New England defensive back Willie Andrews pleaded not guilty to drug possession Tuesday, hours after authorities said they found him with a half-pound of marijuana.Andrews was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and driving an unregistered motor vehicle, a black Crown Victoria. Prosecutors said he had $6,800 in cash, three bags of marijuana, and no means to smoke the drugs.

According to authorities, Lowell police responded to an anonymous caller who reported possible drug activity in a black motor vehicle. Police later pulled over the car, and when they approached it, detectives smelled a strong odor they believed to be marijuana, District Attorney Gerry Leone said.

Cheap jokes at Andrews’ expense aside, I do hope every remembers that he’s innocent until proven guilty it’s gonna that much tougher for Stephen Belichick to get high this week.