WFMU’s Mark Allen, commenting on “Brokeback Mountain” without once refering to Peyton Manning.

In their first encounter in the tent, with all the spastic pushing, slap-punching, violent face-butting and pants-ripping, Ledger and Gyllenhaal display the intimacy of a pair of drunken paraplegics fighting over the last belt buckle at a Western Wear closing sale. With the way these scenes have been pointlessly debated in salivating gay blogs for their poignancy or daring (nope!), I can’t imagine the horrors these images might have on impressionable gay adolescents anticipating their first dates. But hey, what’s a virgin gay sex experience without Keystone Kops-style faux-rape anyway?

It does seems as though Ang Lee has finally fulfilled the promise shown in the Party Posse’s “Drop Da Bomb” video.