Though the Moonie News Washington Times’ John Mitchell refutes earlier scuttlebutt surrounding an Gilbert Arenas/Kobe Bryant exchange, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey claims the Wizards and Suns are deliberating a trade of Antwan Jamison (above) for Shawn Marion.  I think we can safely assume the prospect of playing alongside Marion and a healthy Caron Butler next season and beyond would silence any remaining speculation about Arenas heading elsewhere in 2008.

Boston’s Danny Ainge — searching for a new GM following Chris Wallace’s appointment in Memphisneither confirms nor denies the Celtics have talked about sending the no. 5 overall pick along with Sebastian Telfair, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff and Hank Finkel to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett.

HoopsWorld’s Eric Pincus had the pleasure of watching the Kobe Parking Lot Rage video, but TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott takes a dim view of such stalkerism, calling the efforts to peddle said clip “some kind of relationship apocalypse.”

Kobe Bryant apparently thinks he’s talking privately — venting perhaps, as we all do sometimes — and one of the people he has decided to trust sneakily records it and then shops it around and around and around to the highest bidder? Don’t we just have to take a moment to point out that is a terrible thing to do?

Yes, Bryant should have been more careful. Yes, ideally he’d not undermine his teammates in public no matter what. But surely the most egregious behavior here is on the part of those guys selling the video. I’m not going to give them my money.

Aside from the ethical questions posed, unless the auteurs in this case managed to obtain a release from Bryant, I’m not sure there’s anything kosher about this. Uploading a video to YouTube of Kobe unloading on Andrew Bynum is one thing — the public’s right to know, etc.  But charging $2 a pop for said footage only strikes me as legit if Bryant’s getting a piece of the action.