Spurs F Matt Bonner is traveling outside the U.S. for the first time this week, with San Antonio playing an exhibition game against the Clippers in Mexico City tonight. According to the Express-News’ Jeff McDonald, The Red Rocket, “plans to hit all the tourist attractions that can be found within a 100-foot radius of his bed.”

“I’m going to try to experience as much of the culture as I can without leaving the hotel room, Bonner said, “because we’re not allowed to.”

With parts of the country besieged by drug-related violence, NBA security has advised players to remain in the vicinity of the team’s downtown hotel during their downtime in Mexico.

For a first-time visitor like Bonner, trips to Chapultepec Park and Aztec Stadium are probably out. If he gets particularly brave, he might venture on a sightseeing tour of the lobby bar.

“I’m going to be glued to the bus window to and from the game,” Bonner said.

According to recent statistics, the murder rate in Washington, D.C., is four times greater than that of the sprawling Mexican capital.

Though his Spanish is basically limited to words found on a Taco Bell menu, Bonner has been looking forward to the trip.

He has no plans to solicit Manu Ginobili’s help in translation. “I don™’t trust him,? Bonner said, but might lean on rookie Tiago Splitter, the Spurs’ other fluent Spanish-speaker.