In addition to trotting out a few lines that even Neil Hamburger would find unfunny (“Daunte Culpepper was driving to the stadium earlier this morning for today’s game, passing another car, and the pass got intercepted.”), the Miami Herald’s Greg Cote (above) makes a feeble attempt at social critique.

Starbucks is raising coffee prices.

Here’s an idea, Starbucks. Keep prices the same, but charge rent to those annoying laptopheads who turn the place into their mini-office and glom the best tables.

Perhaps Cote is unaware those many of the annoying laptopheads are paying a wireless carrier a daily or monthly fee as part of a package Starbucks enthusiastically co-markets. They are paying rent, Greg, and what sort of cretin actually hangs out at Starbucks for the atmosphere or coffee?