Y’know, if my biggest claim to fame was serving as the top elected official of what amounts to little more than an exit ramp, I’d be pretty careful which windmills to battle. Especially as Lou Lamoriello has buried guys under Giants Stadium for doing little more than asking for a 5% raise. From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Rich Chere (link courtesy Jon Solomon)

Talk about bitter politicians.East Rutherford mayor James Cassella is rooting for the Ottawa Senators instead of his hometown Devils. Bitter about the Devils’ plan to leave the Meadowlands for their new arena in Newark, Cassella recalled a visit to Ottawa in 1999.

“I wish the Senators well,” Cassella told the Ottawa Sun. “They treated me nicer than the Devils, so why should I be rooting for them? They deserted us. The hospitality there (in Ottawa) was extraordinary and I would love to come up to Ottawa again.”

Cassella was very critical about the Devils’ move, saying, “70 percent of Newark is in a depressed state.”