Floyd Mayweather’s workmanlike 12 round decision over Carlos Baldomir Saturday night was diplomatically described by The Sweet Science’s Benn Schulberg as “(not) the most riveting fight in recent memory, and in fact, it was anti-climatic based on the theory that Baldomir was going to have the skills to put up a challenge.”  There’s Your Karma Ripe As Peaches’ Flash Warner was similarly unimpressed, but unlike this viewer, she managed to stay awake for the real action that occured after the fight.  Nice to see that Brian Kenney isn’t the only commentator to get the business from Mayweather.

LM: You’ve often talked about boxing as entertainment. You came to the ring as a gladiator, but do you think this is particualrly entertaining? There were people booing and leaving their seats after the 10th and 11th rounds…FM: You always give me a hard time, you never give me the credit I deserve. You’re just a commentator; stick to commentating… let me do the fighting. I’m the best at what i do… Don’t always be a critic and be so negative. Let’s be positive. I got the victory… You’ve always got your fingers crossed, you’re hopin and wishing a fighter can beat me… You always talk, let me do the talking! Larry Merchant’s just a commentator, he dont’ know nothin about boxing!

(Merchant hemmed and hawed through all of that and then regrouped)

LM: Are you looking forward to fighting Oscar de la Hoya? Do you think this fight will get him in the ring with you?

FM: If Oscar de la Hoya wants to leave by fighting the best, bring it on, and I’ll tax that ass too!