(sure, he’s come up with some horrifying imagery, but even Dean Koontz is taken aback by David Weathers in a towel)

Along with losing the services of Johnny Cueto yesterday (hands up, everyone who thought a young Reds pitcher would hit the DL without Dusty being responsible), the Reds lost to the Rockies, 4-3 in a twelve inning affair that had the Dayton Daily News’ Hal McCoy in serious overdrive.  Though said loss was dubbed “an almost indescribable game”, McCoy tried awfully hard just the same, calling the defeat, “the Reds falling out of an ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way to the ground” while proclaiming “the videotape is going to Cooperstown as one of the five worst professional baseball games ever played.”

The Reds made as many errors (five) as they had hits (five), they struck out 14 times. They walked nine Rockies, threw two wild pitches, committed a balk, perpetrated a passed ball and Corey Patterson made his daily baserunning blunder by getting picked off base.

Colorado stranded 18 and was 0 for 16 with runners in scoring position. Sound familiar? One difference. The Rockies won.

The game details are right out of a Dean Koontz novel. Scary.

Hey, he could’ve said “predictable”, too.  Then again, when I consider the sort of abuse inflicted on Mets fans by the team’s chronically ineffective bullpen, the writings of Andrew Vachss routinely come to mind.