If you’re amongst those who wondered how former Mets closer Jenrry Mejia could manage to flunk a doping test 3 times, especially knowing the 3rd violation meant a lifetime ban, he’s got a fascinating answer, as collected by the New York Times’ Ben Berkon.

Mejia said that baseball officials told him that if he appealed the punishment for the second doping offense, “they will find a way to find a third positive,” Mejia said through an interpreter. “I felt there was a conspiracy against me. I feel that they were trying to find something to bring me down in my career.”

Baseball officials denied making any such threats. “No one at M.L.B. or representing M.L.B. has met with Mejia regarding any of these drug violations,” Pat Courtney, a league spokesman, said.

“The (Player’s) association should have done more,” Mejia said, adding that he thought the union “should have been there to defend me — because that’s what they’re there for. They should have found something to appeal for.”

Mejia said he had no regrets. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said. “If the situation was meant to happen, then it was meant to happen. If God wanted it that way, it’s going to happen.”

Like most persons residing on Planet Not Out To Lunch, Metsradamus isn’t having it (“if MLB had the power to conduct witch hunts, why would they do that with Mejia?”) :

I mean, he thinks that they are using him and sacrificing his career to get to a steroid kingpin in the Dominican Republic. Yeah, the same people who take two weeks to come up with a ruling on draft pick compensation. Those are the guys you think are pulling off real life Law And Order? Those guys?