Clippers 96, Nuggets 95

With all due respect to the Louisville Cardinals, Denver/LAC provided much better TV than you’re supposed to get on a Thursday night in November.

Andre Miller’s sorry evening : 31 minutes, 0-11 from the field. Even Jamal Crawford thinks Miller is ice cold.

TNT’s expert panel were up in arms over Carmelo Anthony getting teed up twice in the third quarter, especially compared to Sam Cassell’s extended discussions with Steve Javie. I think it’s all a matter of tone (that, and Sam I Am’s hypnotic capabilites)

On a night when Elton Brand wasn’t quite his all-universe self (40 minutes, 8 points), Tim Thomas was terrific off the bench (21 points, 5 three-pointers). For a guy who neither the Knicks or Bulls had much use for, Thomas looks awfully good in the Western Conference.

Though TNT would love to take credit for the innovation they’ve dubbed The Chuckcycle 5000 (ie. Barkley on a bike with a Twinkie held just out of reach), physical fitness is too serious a matter for kidding around. They really oughta leave such a regiment to the experts.