There’s good news and bad news for MLB’s foremost Savatage fan. The bad news for Mike Piazza is that he collided with Boston’s Mike Lowell during the 6th inning of last night’s 6-4 Red Sox victory. The good news for the New York catcher Oakland DH is that he hurt his right shoulder. Metal Mike is perfectly capable of using his left arm to assert his heterosexuality.

The Journal News’ Peter Abraham
is feeling kinda opportunistic upon hearing the latest news from Philly.

News item:
Phillies closer Tom Gordon has been sent back to Philadelphia to have his sore right shoulder examined.

Oh, really? I say again, Kyle Farnsworth for Jon Lieber. He is 1-0, 2.57 in 21 innings and has a 1.24 WHIP. The Yankees badly need starters and Krazy Kyle can close for Philly or set-up Brett Myers. Tiffany from Ultimate Banter now calls him Kyle Farnsworthless. Witty girl, that Tiffany.

I’m feeling bullish about Brett Myers’ chances as the Phillies’ closer. Who’d know more about slamming the door on the opposition? Punching out hitters? Beating women on the street? Making the most of a second chance?