The Journal News’ John Delcos reported this afternoon that SNY has hired Lee Mazzilli to work alongside the tandem of Gary Cohen and/or Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez on Mets telecasts next season.

Please rest assured, Mets fans, that the above photograph of Mazz is very, very old, and Wilpon TV would never in a million years hire someone who was rocking the Jackie Earle Haley look in 2007.

We can only surmise that said announcement means Tim Teufel and Todd Zeile flunked their post-season auditions, though in the case of the latter (above, right), perhaps he could’ve turned up for work looking halfway presentable.

Crawfish Boxes’
Rastranomicals has an interesting take on how the Astros’ brain trust chose to lose Andy Pettitte over a measly two million bucks. And I thought wiretapping was illegal.

Fire Joe Morgan’s Ken Tremendous has been all over The World’s Scrappiest Human’s recent appearance on a network quiz show.

The Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan hints the Cubs will be signing Cliff Floyd. We’ll miss Cliff in one of the Mets’ dozen or so uniform variations, mostly because David Wright cannot be trusted to select his own clothing.

If Jason Marquis is worth $28 million over 3 years, how long before someone elects to resurrect Steve Traschel’s career?’s Buster Olney writes the former Met isn’t without his redeeming qualities.

His start against the Cardinals in the National League Championship Series was an embarrassment, and you’d never think of him as No. 1, No. 2, a No. 3 or maybe even a No. 4. But Trachsel did rack up 15 victories last season, while apparently dealing with personal issues late in the year. For a bargain-basement price, he wouldn’t be a bad guy to fill out your rotation.

The Allegheny Times’ John Perroto tips the Pirates to sign pitcher Masumi Kuwata, a 173 game winner in a 20 year Japanese career. You can look forward to Mike Francesca comparing Kuwata’s attributes to those of Chien Mien Wang during a future WFAN broadcast.

Long reliever Darren Oliver has taken his mop to Anaheim, where he’ll earn $3.5 million next year, and should be worth every penny if El Barto isn’t healthy enough to last 3 innings.