Perhaps they could claim they’re playing the theme to “The Jackie Thomas Show”? From Newsday’s Ken Davidoff.

So Jose Reyes grounded out to end the eighth inning yesterday, and there you could see Billy Wagner jogging from the bullpen to the mound, $43 million worth of drama.

And on Shea Stadium’s giant video board and sound system, the Mets’ staff marked this historic event by … playing “Guess the Attendance.”

Not until Wagner reached the mound did public-address announcer Alex Anthony introduce him, to the accompaniment of “Enter Sandman.” (Who knew Wagner and Mariano Rivera shared an entrance anthem?)

It’s understandable. After all, for many, many years, the Mets have been trying to distract the fans from their closer.

. Now the Mets, always playing in the Yankees’ shadow, signed a closer who also likes “Enter Sandman.”

“I know, Mariano’s got it,” Wagner said, in mock indignation. “Lord forbid. There she crumbles. Two people have it.

“I play for the Mets, he plays for the Yankees. I never have to face him, and he never has to face me. There’s really no big competition there.”