So here I am 12 hours after this latest kick in the stomach by my favorite baseball team and still can figure out how this team can never rise up and step on the opponents throat when they have the chance. This loss is on J-Man, Luis Aguyo, Jose Reyes and the bullpen.  Lets hope Omar doesn™t panic and make a deal that cripples the organization for years to come. – Steve Keane, The Eddie Kranepool Society

Don’t be cavalier about who’s closing. It’s a tougher job than you think. I take back several weeks’ worth of abuse, Mr. Wagner. There is nothing wrong with Johan Santana that wouldn’t be cured by his supporting cast not repeatedly and horrifyingly spitting the fucking bit. – Jason, Faith & Fear In Flushing

Hating your team’s bullpen is like hating a relative; they won’t go away and there’s little you can do about it. But I really hate this bullshitpen. There isn’t a single guy in there I would mind seeing replaced. It’s mostly the same guys from the collapse, which is a crime in itself. Adding Matt Wise, Omar, that’s what you accomplished this off season?!? With Wagner apparently unavailable, these guys didn’t step up and cover for him, they shat and pissed all over the carpet like a nervous puppy.It’s Mets For Me

All I’ll say about last night’s debacle is that I was checking out a Phillies fan message board in the 7th inning, and all I saw was “we suck, break up the team, they’re awful, no playoffs, we can’t hit, Gillick, you idiot, fire sale, fire sale, fire sale…” You don’t even want to know what the comments on MetsBlog looked like after it was all over.

I think all of us might need a new hobby. As for me, I’m swearing off message boards. – Toasty Joe, Yes, Joe It’s Toasted

Of all of Johan™s starts this season, only six or so have been mediocre, and of those, only three or four have been true clunkers. The rest of the season, he™s ranged from good, to outstanding, to nearly unhittable. And he seemingly always leaves the team in a position to win ballgames despite some of the worst run support in modern Mets history.The Mets should really look at Johan as more of an investment.  Would you buy a Bentley, then neglect to get it an oil change?  Well, right now the Mets are pushing their Bentley to its limits every few days, only to let it get manhandled by the Kias who pull into the driveway afterwards. – Brad Bortone, Bugs & Cranks

You have to be kidding me. Victorino, Taguchi, and Jimmy Rollins in the same six-run ninth inning rally? I’m shocked that Larry Jones wasn’t instantly traded to the Phillies so he could have followed Rollins to the plate and put an end to the Mets franchise right then and there. And maybe Yadier Molina, Brian Jordan, and Terry Pendleton could have all come out wearing Phillies uniforms with crowbars in a conga line while taking their hacks at the pinata that is the Mets bullpen. – Metsradamus

Every bad relationship I’ve ever been in seemed to entail the feeling that I didn’t know what scared me more — being with that person or losing them. Last night in the ninth inning I felt that way about Wagner. I realized that the only thing that scared me more than him coming in to save the game was him not coming in. This means I officially have a new dysfunctional relationship in my life. – Mike Steffanos, Mike’s Mets