Newsday’s David Lennon is reporting that the Mets (and Marlins) have each increased their offers to Carlos Delgado to include a 4th year.

The Mets initially were reluctant to add the fourth year, but after considering the potential cost of Magglio Ordoñez, club officials figured that would not be a cost-efficient alternative. Ordoñez, who is recovering from two surgeries on the same knee, is believed to be seeking a deal similar to Delgado’s, and if the Mets paired him with the signing of another first baseman such as John Olerud or Travis Lee, the savings would be negligible.

The Orioles are also in the hunt for Delgado, but are considered long shots at this point.

Before the Rangers’ bid Friday, the Mets thought they might have to go as high as four years and $45 million, though they hoped not to have to do that.

A person familiar with the negotiations said yesterday that the Rangers’ package involves deferred money, which reduces the annual value to $11.2 million. That might not seem like much more than the three-year, $33-million offer that had been made by the Mets, but there is no state income tax in Texas, meaning the Mets would have to make up the difference.

Infielder Rey “Scissorhands” Sanchez has signed a one year, $600,00 contract with the Yankees.