Mets 10, Diamondbacks 6

If you’re into keeping track, the Snakes haven’t won a game since Jason Grimsley’s bust, and they seem to be falling behind early, quickly, often, etc. Hard not to recall the way the Orioles went into the tank when Raffy’s Adventures With Needles were uncovered.

If you’re amongst those who booed Carlos Beltran on opening day or during the game following, by all means, feel free to issue a public apology and/or move on to something more your speed (I’m pretty sure Jets training camp starts soon). The Mets’ centerfielder has topped his ’05 HR totals with a pair last night, and along with David Wright and Carlos Delgado (a solo HR and a pair of roundtrippers respectively) has combined to fashion the deadliest 3-4-5 in the NL at present.

With all due respect to the ever-cuddly Mr. Wright, an occasional “MVP” chant for Beltran might be appropriate. When the Mets are at home, at least.

Steve Trachsel is going to snap out of whatever is ailing him, but that could well happen in 2007 when he’s pitching for someone else.

Apparently, Scott Schafer has been chastised for calling attention to his best feature (ie. his penis). First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize to Scott if my posting of his publicly-available MySpace details has caused him any professional or personal embarasssment. But I do hope the Mets recognize that this is all in good fun, no one’s been hurt, and to paraphrase that great thinker, Anna Benson, if Carlos D. has the right to burn the flag (ok, I’m exaggerating here), Mr. Schafer should be allowed to swing his dick on the internet without reproach. Let freedom ring!