Mets 10, Nationals 5

It was a weird, freezing night at Shea as your correspondent with the chattering teeth made his first trip to Flushing in 2006. Pedro Martinez’ first win of the new campaign came on a night when his control left more than a little to be desired (5 walks, Nick Johnston and Jose Guillen each hit by pitches twice), but save for a two-base throwing error and one big mistake to Johnston, Martinez might’ve emerged unscathed.

As it stood, Martinez was able to shut down the Nationals in enough key spots and the Mets received ridiculous offensive production from everyone not named Anderson Hernandez ; it was a bust-out kinda evening for Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Delgado. Beltran smacked a mammouth, 415 foot two-run HR to left center in the 7th off Joey Eischen that resulted in a half-hearted curtain call for the Mets’ center-fielder. Clearly, all Beltran needs to do to avoid being booed continuously is hit a home run in every plate appearance.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a hitter (in this case, Jose Guillen) charge the mound brandishing a bat, be restrained by teammates….and not be ejected. Likewise, it seemed as though last night’s umpiring crew had conferred early in the day and decided that no matter what occurred, Frank Robinson would have to whip it out to get thrown out of the game. Without the benefit of TV close-ups, it is hard to understand how Robbie manages to filibuster for a half-hour before being run.