(only one of these men is working in baseball)

The New York Post’s Michael Starr reports that Jerry Seinfeld will join Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez in the SNY booth for 3 innings of the Mets’ home game against Detroit next Wednesday evening.

It will be Seinfeld’s first visit to the SNY booth and the first time he and Hernandez have talked about the famous, 1992 episode called “The Boyfriend.” The episode featured Keith asking gym-pal Jerry to help him move out of his apartment — and being accused by Kramer and Newman of spitting on them after his error at first base cost the Mets a game.

“That was a baptism under fire,” Hernandez says of his “Seinfeld” gig. “I think there’s always the fear of the unknown . . . and I was terrified, to be honest.

“I have a very hard time watching that episode, period. I’ve only seen it once or twice.

“Let’s be realistic — I’m not Marlon Brando, and I never took acting lessons.”

Not to say I’m not looking forward to Wednesday’s broadcast, but I’d much rather see the YES Network attempt to pair Larry David-as-George Steinbrenner (in his early 90’s physical/mental fitness, of course) with Michael Kay.