New Times’ Tom Elfrink recently polled his publication’s readers to come up with a name for the Florida Marlins’ new ballpark, and some of the entries, “took swipes at the lying liars who lied to us while building their house of lies, from the ‘Ethics Violations Dome’ to the ‘Liar Bowl’ to the wordy but accurate ‘Billionaire Owners Screwed the Taxpayers Again Field'” Here are the finalists, though it’s #10 that seems to be a specific tribute to club president David Samson.

El Estadio de los Douches
Candle’Shaft Park
The Shit Tank
The Money Diaz Pit
The Fishstank
The Squander Yonder
Tropicorrupto Field
Loan Shark Aquarium
Recall Ballpark
The Dong Dome