It was reported earlier this week that Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin had gone AWOL after allegedly being bullied by Miami teammates.  In the days since, further details have emerged that paint a picture of Miami G Richie Incognito as a particularly enthusiastic tormentor of Martin, if not a shakedown artist.  While Incognito has invited his press critics to “BRINGIT”  —- presumably for a frank discussion of how bullying demeans all of usCBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora collects quotes from unnamed sources who may or may not have lost their lunch money.

Last week’s flare-up between Martin and his teammates, “was not an isolated incident — not even close,” one source said. “It’s been going on almost since they drafted him.” Other players on the team said it was fairly widely known within the team that the offensive linemen were hard on Martin, a second-round pick in 2012, and Martin has expressed his displeasure with the situation in the past. Last week, several Dolphins players denied there was any history of verbal abuse or bullying of Martin.

Incognito has had to be reprimanded in the past for his actions toward team employees, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. It is not uncommon for him to intentionally walk into people and make others feel uncomfortable, and to make threatening remarks to Martin, sources said. “It’s hard to picture a 6-foot-5 350-lb football player as being the victim of bullying, but that’s exactly what took place here,” the source said. “He is genuinely scared of what Incognito might do to him, or has threatened to do to him.”