(l-r : Greenberg, Golic.  Off-camera, a seething, not quite post-racial society)

Of the monumental malapropism uttered by ESPN Radio’s Mike Greenberg Monday morning, Hip Hop Wired.com opines, “I’m sure ˜coon’ and ˜king’ could easily get confused right?  If the answer is no, then everyone is in agreement as such a statement makes some speculate why ˜coon’ would even come out of his mouth, of all words.” While the usually innocuous Greenberg has apologized for the gaffe, such an embarrassing incident calls into question whether or not the broadcaster will continue to be fast-tracked by Disney and ABC and/or repeatedly paired with Mike Golic in painfully unfunny, forced faux “Odd Couple” scenarios.  One man’s inadvertent racist remark could well be another’s career lifeline.