The dastardly duo, as heard this afternoon on WFAN.

Russo : This is a guy that plays in every exclusive, restricted golf course in America! There isn’t a black person in sight!….I just used “blacks” because that’s the word he used. Does Bryant Gumbel go to the front desk of these clubs and raise hell and say ‘there’s no way I’m playing here, you’ve got exclusionary practices’?

And one other thing, I’ve said this a thousand times. Where is Mushnick and Raissman with this stuff? Mike nailed them with the Rush Limbaugh thing, they had no idea about that one. Where’s Neil Best? Mr. Neil…they’re writing about the bowling tour! This was 8 days ago! Their job is to cover the people in the sports media..what’s Raissman doing? Writing another Tiki Barber story? Where is he?

(much laughter)

Franscenca : : Neil has gotten off the beaten path. Let us send you a compass, please. Arena football, bowling. A whole column on bowling. We’ll send you a map.

Russo : Write about something people care about, a little bit, please!

Francesca : The idea that bowling is down on the network…when’s the last time anyone watched bowling?

Russo : Where’s Raissman on this? Raissman’s writing about Marv and Tiki!

It should be noted that in addition to covering the PBA’s TV efforts in his Friday column for Newsday, Neil Best made the following passing remark about a certain NY radio host.

Hearing WFAN’s Chris Russo flop around like a beached salmon without Mike Francesa yesterday was a reminder that partnerships on talk radio are a delicate, precious thing, and going it alone is not easy.