The delusional hardy souls pictured above turned up at SNY’s midtown studios last week to show their support for a Mets pursuit of free agent LF Manny Ramirez.  Yesterday, about twenty fewer individuals were at it again, writes Newsday’s Katie Strang.

“I wanted to promote the cause and get Manny over here, plain and simple,” said Gustavo Medina, 20, of Ridgewood, Queens. “If we have a power bat like Manny, and you plug him between Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado, you’re gonna have a respected lineup and an outstanding New York Mets club in 2009.”

Holding up the other end of Medina’s sign was Cliff Korn, 38, of Manhattan, who said the acquisition still could happen even though Minaya has ruled it out.

“Minaya likes to make the big splash,” Korn said, citing previous players who ended up in Flushing when it initially looked unlikely. “I think it’s possible.”

Medina said they won’t be deterred until adding Manny no longer is possible.

When will they stop congregating?

“When he signs somewhere else,” Medina said.

Added Korn, “And then we’ll start rallying for Matt Holliday.”