Ben Schwartz took valuable time out last night from celebrating Carlos Silva’s mastery of the New York Mets to forward the following report from the Chicago Tribune’s Cynthia Dizikes.  Though the Dizikes no longer shares an employer with former Cubs OF Milton Bradley (above, right), the paper isn’t quite finished making Bradley look bad, citing a local landlord’s claims against the moody Mariner.

Pantelis Kotsiopoulos sued Bradley in Cook County Circuit Court in January for about $44,000 in unpaid rent on his one-year lease of Kotsiopoulos’ 24th-floor North Michigan Avenue condo. The suit alleged that Bradley had agreed to pay up to $15,000-a-month rent.

More recently, Kotsiopoulos alleged Bradley had caused $13,900 in damages to the condo before he split. The suit contended he left red paint on white silk draperies, water rings and wine stains on an ebony zebra wood credenza, food and juice stains on a silk velvet ottoman, and a five-foot coffee splattering on the master bedroom carpet.

“I viewed the apartment today,” Kotsiopoulos said Wednesday in a phone interview. “I saw the damage he had left first-hand and it is real damage.”

Bradley has in turn demanded at least $30,000 from Kotsiopoulos, saying that the condo owner never returned his $15,000 security deposit and failed to notify him of any property damage in a timely fashion.

Kotsiopoulos said that the sluggish economy has prevented him from re-leasing the condo and that if he could talk to Bradley face-to-face he would tell him “to grow up.”