WEEI.com’s Kirk Minihane penned a longish column for the station website yesterday, picking his winners and losers resulting from the recent revelations Red Sox DH David Ortiz tested positive for PED use in 2003. It’s an interesting list —- Yaz is a winner (Papi’s no longer the clutchiest hitter in Red Sox history) as is Twins GM Terry Ryan (“OK Dan Duquette, time to hand the torch over and let Mr. Ryan run a lap on the œvindicated by the Steroid Era’ track”), but the most damning Loser critique is reserved for the Boston Globe’s Tony Massarotti.

You can write the œBig Papi is a Fraud column. Go for it. I even agreed with some stuff in there. But at some point don™t you have to mention that the co-author of 2007™s œ was Tony Massarotti? I™m not asking you to give any money back, but how about a simple acknowledgement (an editor™s note was added some time after the post by Massarotti)? And this isn™t Globe bashing for the sake of Globe bashing. If Mike Lowell failed a steroid test and Rob Bradford never mentioned it I™d bash him like crazy. Bottom line: If you are going to take the moral high ground over someone at least mention that some of the terrible things done might have paid for a few of your shirts.

In fairness, it should be stated that Massarrotti’s column was entitled, “‘Big Papi’ Revealed As Myth”.