I have no desire to pick a fight with Hot Foot — good luck following the exploits of the New York Mets without checking in a few times a day. But even H.F., a terrific blog by any measure, is not above reproach.

Saturday evening, Nationals 1B Nick Johnson was described as a “Vincent D’Onofrio lookalike”.

That’s Johnson on the left, D’Onofrio on the right. I don’t think anything else needs to be said on this subject.

Following the departure of “Juiced” / “Saving The Pitcher” author Will Carroll from The Juice Blog, Baseball Musing’s David Pinto hints that Baseball Prospectus fixture Carroll will soon be moving to ESPN.

Though this is undoubtedly good news for Will, I do have a small bit of advice. In the future, when leaving answering machine messages for women, do everything possible to make sure your identity cannot be confirmed.