(Gallagher and Gallagher II, in happier days)

If he’s not being overshadowed by no talent hacks like Jim Carrey and Tom Hanks, he’s being sued simply for pursuing his unique brand of performance art. Nearly a year after his last CSTB appearance, Gallagher is back. From the AP :

Comedian Gallagher, known for smashing watermelons during his performances, was accused of shoving an audience member in Branson, Mo. last summer and now faces a lawsuit.

Leo Gallagher, 59, was to perform at the Moe Bandy Theater in Branson from June 16 through Sept. 4.

Marcy Kowalski alleged the comedian swore at her and bruised her arm when he pushed her back into her front-row seat.

Branson Partners said it had received an agreement from Sold Out Shows, Gallagher™s promotion company, saying the comedian would not use œfoul language and there would be œno physical altercations to the Branson staff or audience during his appearances.

œFrom the very first show, there was a lot of foul language, said Deborah Shoodhatler of Branson Partners.

Kowalski dropped her complaint with the Branson Police Department after she settled with Gallagher for an undisclosed sum.

Gallagher has faced similar allegations, including in June, when a patron said the comedian slapped him during a Las Vegas performance.

I know this is off topic, but I think it’s terrific that a Christgau fave like Moe Bandy could have a theatre named after him. There’s still hope for the Reducers to have an ice rink dedicated in their honor.