(Stephon working his way around Milt Palacio Saturday afternoon)

Frayed tempers and hurt feelings were the order of the day following New York’s 108-102 win over Toronto the other day (72 hours after the Raptors had routed the Knicks) and the Toronto Sun’s Mike Koreen and Steve Buffery were on the scene with the kleenex.

Raptors Coach Sam Mitchell does not care what Stephon Marbury thinks about his coaching style. Mitchell didn’t mince words yesterday when asked about the York Knicks guard, who said that the Raptors do not run many plays for Vince Carter following a win over Toronto on Saturday.

(Mitchell’s management style was often questioned in Walford, too)

“I should not have to waste my time answering questions about what someone on another team that’s struggling like we’re struggling (said) about how we should play,” said Mitchell.

“It’s not worth my time, my thought or my energy to even have to respond to that.

“When we beat (the Knicks) by 25 (on Wednesday), (what) did he say … when we ran up and down the court and everybody scored? They beat us by six (Saturday) and all of a sudden (Marbury has an opinion).”