“My Christmas list is shot,” reports (Jewish) CSTB item-finding All-Star Pete Segall in forwarding this post from Home Run Derby. I can’t post the Derby’s screen grab, but you can get the gist from the text:

You™d think that some disgruntled fan ha(d) already snatched up FireKennyWilliams.com to rant about the recent misfortunes of the Pale Hose.

Well, FireKennyWilliams.com has indeed been registered. Someone with some foresight did it back on April 13, 2007.
The owner, however, might surprise you.

The owner of FireKennyWilliams.com is ¦

MLB Advanced Media, LP

Major League Baseball went out and snatched the domain, presumably so no one else could.

And MLB did it through GoDaddy.com, which means they™re paying a mere $9.99 or less to keep someone from saying disparaging things about the White Sox General Manager.

“Say what you will about the utility of sites like these,” Pete says of the MLB-owned protest domain. “(But) for the League to preemptively squat on them is both absurd and a good indicator that the site probably won’t be needed much longer.”