Though one aspiring video game developer has created a David Ortiz jersey for Fallout 4 players to don whilst patrolling a post-doomsday Boston, Major League Baseball takes a dim view of such creativity, as the Boston Globe’s Steve Annear explains :

“The use of these marks is an infringement of our rights. We plan to enforce those rights,” an MLB spokesman said in an e-mail Thursday.

Richie Branson, the Texas resident who created the modification for “Fallout 4,” said the free download was meant to add a “more authentic” Boston feel to the game.

“Basically, I think it was the only thing missing from the game. You’ve got Fenway Park, the Green Monster, and all of Boston, but there weren’t any Red Sox jerseys,” he said.

When players enter “Diamond City,” a rundown Fenway Park that has become a shelter for a town of survivors, they can purchase a plain baseball jersey for their character to wear.

“Ortiz is a heavy hitter, man. I love his ability to hit. He’s big, he’s massive — so I figured he’d be the right one to survive the apocalypse,” Branson said Thursday morning. “You can wear it through the whole game.”

“I’m not making any money off of it. I’m the little guy. It would be in bad taste for them,” Branson said. “We know Ortiz is not a zombie-killing, post-apocalyptic warrior. And that’s what makes it funny.”