The only thing I didn’t like about the short-lived Seth Mnookin/Bill Simmons feud is that they’ve apparently called a cease-fire (wtf?). That said, Seth’s got a new target today…the reigning AL Comeback Player Of The Year!

Earlier this week, Giambi (above) told a reporter from that grand jury leaks are a œserious issue. œWhen we were brought in [to the grand jury], we had to talk about our situation that we went through, he said. œPeople want to know the same thing now, because these laws are what our country is based on. However they obtained it, it was illegal. Indeed, Giambi says he™s now concerned about the sanctity of the American legal system (although the sanctity of the profession that™s made him rich doesn™t seem to concern him): œThere are now a lot of people who won™t testify in front of a grand jury because of the situation that has gone on. It was a situation that, who knows what would have transpired had his testimony not been leaked. œI went through what I did and moved forward. I haven™t looked back. That™s for sure: Giambi is currently on pace to hit 48 home runs, five more than his previous best.

A year and a half after his pathetic non-apology apology, Jason Giambi is lecturing reporters on their need to take responsibility for their actions. (Giambi, for anyone who doesn™t remember, made the Yankees remove the word œsteroid from his 2001, $120 million contract.) Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein has said his paper will not comply with the government™s demand that his reporters give up their sources.

It seems to me that if Jason really wants to know the identities of Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams’ sources, his rubber check psychic guru lady pal should be able to sort it out.