The Chicago Sun-Times’ Rick Morrissey submits Wrigley Field as “a dump…the figment of somebody’s marvelous imagination, as a subtle marketing campaign that snowballed into something spectacular.”

It’s groupthink, a pleasant groupthink, but groupthink nonetheless. If you want to believe that you’re getting the best baseball experience for your buck, good for you. But you’ve been sold some propaganda, comrade.

In terms of marketing, Wrigley Field is bottled water. Can you imagine how hard our ancestors must be laughing at our rush to pay for water in plastic containers?

Ryan, aka “Hot Shit Fill-In-The-Blank” replies,

As much as I dislike the Cubs, their fans, and waxing poetic about baseball, Wrigley and Wrigleyville keeps most of that isolated in one place. Chicago’s recent renovation and beautification projects like Soldier Field and Millenium Park’s video art are scars on the city, and I fear what’s in store for what’s essentially a nice, if inconvenient and smelly spot for a baseball game.