This morning’s UK papers are filled with wild accusations that intermisison of Wednesday night’s Champions League clash between Barcelona and Chelsea (won by Barca, 2-1) was marked by Frank Rijkaard visiting referee Anders Frisk in the latter’s dressing room. The Guardian’s Matt Scott is reporting that Barcelona assistant coach Henk Ten Cafe “assualted the Chelsea manager with a kick to the backside,” which Chelsea deny As for Frisk, the Independent’s Nick Harris recaps “Lowpoints Of A Limahl Lookalike”.

An accountant by trade, and an Red Cross ambassador, he has been been involved in few controversies, not all of his making, including:

Champions’ League group game, 7 Dec 2004

Valencia 0 Werder Bremen 2

Frisk booked five Valencia players and sent off a sixth as Claudio Ranieri’s side was eliminated. “When you see the referee give them more than you, you feel as though you are being shafted,” Ranieri said. He later apologised, saying: “I was in a very agitated state.”

Champions’ League group game, 15 Sep 2004

Roma 0 Dynamo Kiev 1 (abandoned at half-time)

Frisk abandoned the game after being hit by a missile thrown from the crowd following his decision to send off Roma defender Philippe Mexes.

Euro 2004 semi-final, 30 June

Portugal 2 Netherlands 1

Ruud van Nistelrooy accused the referee of being a “home whistler” and was handed a two-match ban for insulting behaviour towards Frisk.

World Cup, first knock-out round, 16 June 2002

Spain 1 Rep Ireland 1 (Spain won on penalties)

Frisk awarded two penalties to Ireland in normal time. The first – deemed soft by some – went unconverted. The second, in the final minute, was generally regarded as fair, for shirt-pulling. Robbie Keane scored, but the Irish went out on spot-kicks.

19 points out of first place in La Liga, Valencia have parted with ways with manager Claudio Raneiri.