Jose Reyes reached base 6 consecutive times last night in the Mets’ 7-6, 10 inning loss to San Francisco at Citi Field, a performance that came on the heels of published reports the defending World Champs had their eye on the Amazins’ oft-injured shortstopThe New York Daily News’ John Harper considers the matter, and for a moment or two seems to forget he’s not writing for the San Francisco Chronicle.

A Mets person chuckled and said, “How much you think they’d give to have Reyes in that lineup?”

The question was posed rhetorically, for the moment, at least. But sometime over the next couple of months you have to believe it’s a question Alderson will ask very seriously of his Giants counterpart, Brian Sabean. Tejada, who turns 37 this month, was signed as a free agent to replace Edgar Renteria and, to some degree, Juan Uribe, but he hasn’t hit at all, and scouts say he’s not saving any runs with his glove either.

“He has less range than (Derek) Jeter,” was the way one major league scout put it Tuesday. “He’s not really a shortstop any more.”

Actually, Tejada has been at third base for the Giants since Pablo Sandoval broke a bone in his hand a few days ago, with Fontenot taking over at short. But scouts don’t consider him a bon afide everyday shortstop either.

The Mets “are going to want a couple of blue-chip prospects, preferably pitchers”, writes Harper who at no point identifies which players in the SF organization Sandy Alderson might covet, or why trading Reyes within the National League is advisable.