(noted male model / sports journalist Eric Brynes shows off the new Diamondbacks ensemble)

Megan Finnerty’s Arizona Republic item about the Snakes’ new uniforms is headlined “New Threads Boast Aggressive Look,” which makes sense if you define “aggressive” as being reminiscent of the Washington Nationals.

“I think it’s sexy, it’s strong, it’s hot,” said Melissa Leonesio, 40-ish, of Paradise Valley. “It makes us look like we’re the team to beat.”

Phoenix-based Campbell Fisher Design, the firm that did the team’s original uniforms, updated the look so the merchandise would be more popular and so the uniforms would be more TV friendly, with the team’s name shorter and therefore easier to read for viewers.

“The uniforms we had were really divisive,” team President Derrick Hall said.

Purple and turquoise was a color combination that fans either loved or hated, he said, and it was the first change Major League Baseball suggested when it approached the team about a new look.

“You’re just not going to get everybody to wear purple for whatever reason,” Hall said.