While Paul Lukas is all over the details surrounding the NHL’s sleek new unis, Sidearm Delivery covers something even more ghastly —- yet another version of the Milwaukee Admirals’ Beach Party sweaters. Because nothing says “beach party” like mid January in Milwaukee.

Though his post is 5 days old, such is the emotional torpor expressed by Chris at GoonBlog over the past and present passivity of his once beloved Lowell Devils (“once again a team that had capable guys on their roster, but no one seemed willing to drop ’em,”) that I’m compelled to share the following :

The Lowell theory goes back to the Ron œThou shall not fight, you™re a fucking joke Smith days. For years they loved to get pushed around even though they had guys capable of sticking up for themselves and teammates sitting on the bench. Even when Tom Rowe took over behind the bench and vowed they wouldn™t get pushed around, they did. Look at guys they had on their roster in Rowe™s tenure as head coach. Brantt Myhres: 687 PIMS in 154 NHL Games. Only 77 in 29 injury plagued games in Lowell. He told me flat out he wanted to fight.

Sean Curry: Possibly the biggest pussy in the whole league.