From the Seattle Times’ Dave Bowman

Ron Fairly announced Thursday that his announcing days are over at season’s end.

After 14 years doing radio and television for the Mariners, Fairly (above) will end his 27-year broadcasting career with the season-ending game at home on Oct. 1.

“I have been at the playground or at the ballpark my entire life,” the 68-year-old Fairly said. “I figure I have played in or broadcast 7,000 games. It is time to take my bat and ball and go home. I have been here long enough.”

What he will remember most from broadcasting the Mariners is driving former manager Lou Piniella home at times and “listening to Lou rant and rave driving across the [I-90] bridge,” Fairly said. “A few times, I thought I was going to lose my dashboard.”

Earlier this week, David Scott characterized CBS4’s Bob Lobel as “rapidly-fading, aging and disengaging.” Insulting, sure, but not libelous.