Lest anyone think that Anucha Browne Sanders is alone in claiming there’s a fucked up working environment at the World’s Most Famous Arena, she’s actually the 2nd person to level such charges at MSG. From the New York Daily News’ Terri Thompson and Michael O’Keefe.

Courtney Prince, once the captain of the Rangers’ cheerleading squad, the NHL’s version of the Knicks City Dancers, says she is hardly surprised that former Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders filed a lawsuit last week accusing Knicks President Isiah Thomas and MSG of sexual harassment and discrimination. In court papers and in her first extended interview about her own sexual harassment lawsuit against the Garden, Prince told the Daily News yesterday that Garden bosses:

– Made arrangements for the skaters to “have drinks with the bosses and guests” at bars near the Garden as part of their job requirements. The bosses repeatedly asked “Who’s loose?” and “Which is the wild one?” One boss told Prince “who he’d want to perform oral sex on” and “who to have sex with from behind.”

– Ignored her complaints that a guest of the Garden, a professional golfer, “came up behind me” and rubbed his sexually aroused body against her at a celebration at a bar. Rangers flack Jason Vogel allegedly told her: “If I was dancing with you, I’d do the same.”

– Ordered skaters to stuff their bras and lose weight.

– Purchased alcohol for skaters who were underage.

– Attacked her character and spread false rumors about her after she warned other skaters not to be alone with certain bosses.

It should be noted that Gothamist was on this one nearly two years ago.