Given Carmelo Antony’s shooting struggles of late, would someone paid to analyze the New York Knicks be out of line in suggesting that either a) ‘Melo’s shoulder is bothering him or b) perhaps there’s another role he could play besides being the team’s first, second and third option every time down the floor (the fourth option, of course, being a witness to J.R. Smith missing a three)?  If that analyst is MSG’s Bernard King, well….if this team took the microphone away from Marv Albert, do you really think they’d hesitate to pull the plug on King’s Twitter account?   From the New York Daily News’ Roger Rubin :

King took to Twitter Monday with three dispatches worth of pointed criticisms of Anthony and the Knicks.
“If Carmelo’s shoulder is hurting that bad — work the paint — drive and dish — become a facilitator — it’s a TEAM game,” read one of them from King’s Twitter account.

Said King in another tweet: “I was always taught — Take High Percentage shots — don’t force it — don’t be a one man show — don’t over dribble — ball movement.”

The official Twitter account for King, who does some broadcasting work for both MSG Network and NBA TV, was shut down shortly after the dispatches were posted. According to a published report, the Knicks claim King had allowed a friend to use his handle and that those posts did not reflect his “sentiment.”