If you’ve been following Phil Mushnick over the years, you know that he holds the NBA accountable for all sorts crimes against culture.  Over-priced sneakers.  Commodified thuggery. Smashed backboards.  The punditry of Stephen A. Smith. Tip-off times designed to let people who live west of the Mississippi actually watch the games.

Today, you can add a new offense to the list.  With the 2007 All-Star Game being played at Las Vegas’ Thomas & Mack Center, Phil would have you believe that David Stern is using the NBA’s considerable cachet to promote fornication.

(pimpin’ aint easy)

The NBA doesn’t have enough issues – before the first round of the playoffs concluded, a mere four players were suspended for in-game misconduct – and now it’s going to throw a party in a town that has smugly adopted the phrase, “What happens here, stays here.”

Funny thing about that sales phrase is that in those image TV ads for Vegas, “What happens here, stays here” follows several vignettes that clearly imply that men and women have traveled to Vegas to have sex outside of their existing steady relationships, including marriage.

That these naughty ads make it clear that Las Vegas is eager to serve as both the site and financial beneficiary of your, ahem, pleasure, additionally makes it clear that Vegas is pleased to serve as a pimp.