You’d reckon that with the probable exceptions of Nike, Vince McMahon, Mike Francesa or Spike Lee, NY Post sports media critic Phil Mushnick would have no greater bogeyman than Giants OL turned used car pitchman Brad Benson, castigated again today for his, “go-low, hideously unfunny radio ads.” As it turns out, however, Mushnick saves special consideration for one of Benson’s competitor’s ;

Cable and Verizon systems serving north and central New Jersey lately have carried local insert commercials during Yankees and Mets games for Jack Daniels’ multi-branch car dealerships.

The commercials feature puppets as tough-talking, inarticulate, Italian mobster stereotypes.

One of the puppets even whacks another with a two-by-four.

Perhaps worst of all, the ads aren’t the least bit clever or amusing.

Could you see any other racial, ethnic or religious negative stereotypes — blacks, Asians, Jews — used in such a way?

Neither can I.