I’m a little disappointed Phil didn’t find a way to pin this on Spike Lee and the WWE while he was at it. From today’s NY Post :

Are we happy now? What a fabulous weekend for Electronic Arts, makers of pro- and NCAA-licensed video games. Friday night a riot at the Pacers-Pistons game, the next day South Carolina and Clemson student-athletes, even with police in the mix, brawled the length and width of Clemson’s football field.

Leagues, TV, newspapers, radio, magazines and video games present the tauntingest, show-boatingest, scowlingest, muscle-flexingest acts as the preferred acts. A good player of modest demeanor is worth far less than a good player with a big mouth and a put-down dance. And that’s insane.

(the virtual Steve Nash, moments from being beaten to death by Kobe and Gary Payton in last year’s “NBA Live 2004”)

For the record, there’s no fighting to speak of in EA’s “NBA Live 2005” game, but since playing the fucking thing would take a lot longer than maligning an entire company, I wouldn’t expect Mushnick to know that.