Predictably, the death of Eddie Guerrero has prompted the NY Post’s Phil Mushnick to compose one of his semi-annual attacks on the ‘roid-filled world of professional wrestling. And Mushnick is, on these rare occasions, not completely out to lunch when he sheds light on the industry’s ridiculously high mortality rate and institutional exploitation of its workers.

That said, such columns appear in the NY Post’s sports section. As wrestling receives no other coverage from the Post’s sports department, what, precisely, is Mushnick’s justification for his continued focus on this particular brand of TV entertainment? If the Post has given Phil free reign to examine evil in its many televised forms, why didn’t Mushnick press the panic button when TNA was purchasing airtime from Fox Sports? Surely a serious sports journalist who regularly follows professional wrestling (or at least when someone dies) was aware that the WWE’s only remaining semblance of domestic competition was writing checks to his employer?