(presumably, not on the Mushnick family fridge. image swiped from Loser With Socks)

The death of decorum! The slaughter of sportsmanship! The mockery of all that we hold dear!

Overuse of the exclaimation point, too. The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick interrupted his turkey dinner yesterday to take a firm stand against Snark Nation.

The day is coming when even older sports fans will be too young to recall when it was done any differently. They’ll be unable to leave word that once upon a time sports shows didn’t rely on talking smack, on being cruel, on taking cheap shots, on mocking the beaten and doing everything that hadn’t already been done to remove whatever sport remains in our sports.

Monday, Fox Sports Net’s “Final Score” evening wrap show reported on the resignation that day of Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, whose team had lost two days earlier to Ohio State.

As Carr was seen speaking at a news conference, the best FSN could do to capture his 13-year-career at Michigan was to cut to footage of Ohio State fans, two days earlier, mocking Carr, holding a huge, stretched-across-several-seats sign that sarcastically read, “So Long, Coach Carr, We’ll Miss You.”

Yeah, OSU was going to kick Michigan’s butt – again – and that was going to end his career. Yeah!

That was the best FSN could do – kick a man when was he down and moving out. FSN couldn’t have chosen anything better (perhaps footage from Michigan’s national championship season under Carr) on the day Carr announced he was done? It had to be a wise-guy put-down, nothing more, nothing better.

I have a sneaking suspicion on the day Isiah Thomas is finally removed from his presidency of the New York Knicks, Phil’s colleagues at the Post will find a way of summing up Zeke’s NY tenure without mentioning the drafting of David Lee first and foremost.

Likewise, the first time Billy Wagner blows a save next spring, we’ll see if the Post manages to include a disclaimer about Country Time being a 5-time NL All-Star.

Adam Carlson’s 48 yard FG with 18 seconds remaining gave Mississippi State a 17-14 win over Ole Miss, and will probably propel the Bulldogs (7-5) to their first bowl invite in 7 years. “What a job Sylvester Croom has done this year” gushed ABC’s Jesse Palmer, and I’ll have to concur. With a 4-4 mark in the SEC, Croom has been every bit as good at his job as Palmer at his.