(above, Phil’s Father’s Day present)

Claiming a double standard in the media’s coverage of the Kobe Bryant rape allegations and the ongoing mess at Duke University, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick writes,

Since the accusations of rape first emerged against Duke lacrosse players four months ago, the media have mostly demonstrated a reluctance to aggressively pursue the character of the accuser, an African-American stripper with an arrest record and a previous claim of having been gang-raped, a claim that was dismissed, apparently for lack of credibility.

This woman’s dubious character, for the most part, has been lightly and briefly touched upon or totally ignored, as if her past is irrelevant. And perhaps it is.

Yeah, there haven’t been any newspapesr or magazines over the past two months that have mentioned the accuser’s sexual history, her line of work or questioned her credibility. Other than the terribly obscure Sports Illustrated.

In any event, there’s no telling how rampant reverse racism would be were it not for a watchdog like Phil Mushnick. On behalf of the entire white race, I’d like to buy him a Coors Light someday, to express my thanks.