From Phil Mushnick in today’s NY Post.

Thursday, immediately after “SportsCenter” concluded its sober report and a scolding commentary on the four Vikings charged with lewd public behavior, ESPN aired a commercial starring the rapper Eminem, whose stock in trade includes lewd public behavior.

Then again, role model Derek Jeter, who has community service awards and whose Turn 2 Foundation is “designed to motivate youth to turn to a healthy lifestyle,” beginning last week could be seen in satellite radio ads alongside parole model Snoop Dogg, gangsta rapper and purveyor of hateful, violent, vulgar lyrics.

Perhaps Jeter and Snoop can do a duet of one of Snoop’s hits at the next Turn 2 fundraiser; maybe the one titled “For All My Niggaz & Bitches.”

This is the same Mushnick, by the way, who objected to the NBA allowing Jay-Z to purchase a minority share in Bruce Ratner’s Nets.

I’d hate to think that Phil has an irrational bias against mainstream hip-hop, but I must have misplaced Mushnick’s editorial criticizing the NFL for enlisting those countercultural reprobates the Rolling Stones to perform at the next Super Bowl.

All of that said, this is a miraculous Sunday. Phil actually pulled a funny one out of his beard.

A company in Maryland last week put up for auction a bat belonging to Astros outfielder Orlando Palmeiro. Allegedly, it’s the bat used by Palmeiro when he grounded out to end this year’s World Series.

Good thing Palmeiro wasn’t caught looking to end the game or they might have auctioned one of his eyes.