Along with predicting that Jim Kaat will not return to Yankee telecasts next season, the New York Post’s Moral Conscience, Phil Mushnick has a problem with the newly dubbed MyNetwork’s fall schedule.

While we’re no longer surprised by networks’ cross-promotional excesses, Tuesday’s Orioles-Yanks on Ch. 9 broke new landfill for obnoxious and relentless exploitation of a sports audience.

Inning after inning, the telecast was devoted to focusing on stars – mostly unknown – who will appear in new Ch. 9 shows and were in Yankee Stadium only to provide cause to pump those shows, which next provided reason to cut to a string of video promos for the shows.

And those videos were loaded with – surprise! – sexual content that took a summer’s night baseball audience even lower.

(MPLF – Morgan Phil Would Like To Forget)

Much as I applaud Phil’s continued efforts to look out for the rest of us (surely we could count on a Fox baseball telecast to be free of sexual content — save for the Joe Buck blooper reel), I’d really have figured the long-awaited pairing of Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild to be right up his alley.