Sammy Sosa’s selfish pursuit of reaching 600 home runs began in earnest. According to the Associated Press (via ESPN), he began working out with hopes of signing a deal with a major league team “ any sort of deal. And the offers will come pouring in … according to Sosa, natch.

“The 38-year-old slugger said he had received calls from teams interested in signing him but declined to reveal their names.”

Now that he’s given his system a year to rid itself of any, um, evidence, Sosa is confident he can further tarnish whatever legacy he has remaining. He even goes so far as to compare his situation of missing a year to Ted Williams’ absence from the game for serving in the war.

” ‘Ted Williams went to war and lost a couple years. More recently, Barry Bonds stayed away for more than a year and came back, and the same happened with Frank Thomas because of injuries,’ he said.”

So, come on, who’s it gonna be? What team will make this joker an offer? Some team has to be desperate enough to ride the PR gravy train of 600 HRs.