Ohio State 28, Northern Illinois 6 (3rd quarter, 1:40 remaining)

Even Mack Brown thinks the scheduling and devouring of minnows like N.I.U. is shameful. Troy Smith has thrown a pair of TD passes to Ted “Thirsty & Miserable ” Ginn (above, right), and don’t think I’m above regurgitating that one several more times before the B.C.S. rolls around.

West Virginia 28, Marshall 7 (HT)

10 carries, 7 yards in the first half for Marshall RB Ahmad Bradshaw. Conversely, Steve Slaton’s having a huge day (20 for 138, 2 TD’s)

Nebraska 21, Louisiana Tech 10 (HT)

I’m loathe to give the Huskers’ Bill Callahan credit for much besides being white and breathing. So instead, I’ll fixate on Zac Champion’s 40 yard prayer, caught one-handed for a TD by L.T.’s Jonathan Holland in the 2nd quarter. Someone, please phone the Elias Sports Bureau and ask when was the last time two Division I foes did battle with starting QB’s named “Zac”. Because I’m too embarrassed to make the call.

Oregon 27, Stanford 10 (H.T.)

Duck Walk, sans the Toilet Cam! If Jonathan Stewart (123 yards on 16 carries, 2 TD’s) and the Oregon OL can so easily impose their will on Stanford, why don’t they kick their AD’s ass over those ugly uni’s?

Rutgers 21, North Carolina 10 (3rd quarter, 3:50 remaining)

Ray Rice has gone nuts (3 TD’s, 162 yards) and Mike Teel has played a mistake-free game for Rutgers (not counting his decision to matriculate in New Brunswick). That said, I’d still rather listen to WXYC than WRSU.